Here are the answers to some of the questions we are often asked. We hope these help you, but please feel free to ask your own question, using the button below…

Can I call you before my first appointment?

Of course. Please feel free to call and have a chat about your problem.

“What should I expect on my first visit?”

Your physiotherapist will take a history from you about your symptoms and then assess your movements to determine the cause of your symptoms / problem. Treatment will start at this first visit. You will go home with advice and often exercises to start with. Your physiotherapist will also make a plan with you regarding further appointments and a expected time frame for treatment and recovery.

“How long are the appointments?”

Your initial assessment and treatment will be 45 minutes long and subsequent follow ups 30 minutes.

“What should I wear?”

We may need to remove some clothes so wear something loose and comfortable or bring shorts / vest top depending on your problem area.

“Do I have to be referred by my GP?”

No you don’t need to be referred by your GP unless you are using a health insurance policy which may require you to see them first.

“Are weekend and evening appointments available?”

Yes they are, please let us know if there are particular days and times that work better for you, and we will do our best to accommodate you.